Cruise The Web With eCruiser!

eCruiser is a thin, ticker-type RSS news reader that always stays on your desktop, keeping you updated on what's going on in your favorite websites.
It makes it much easier and cozier for you to enjoy websites. Yes, eCruiser is for you to "cruise" the web! It's just simple, easy and fun!

Cruise The Web With eCruiser!
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Great Things About eCruiser -- Simple, Easy, Fun!

  • Simple and easy for broad users---It's very simple and easy to operate. You don't have to be tech-savvy or info-savvy to enjoy eCruiser. We made it with utmost care not to make it complicated.
  • Always at your desktop---It's a thin, desktop ticker-type RSS reader, just staying on your desktop and constantly delivering updated news while you're working on other things on PC. You don't need to open your browser first.
  • Text headlines or photo slideshows---You can always view the latest information either in text headlines or in photo slideshows. When you click on a headline or photo that interests you, you will be directly linked to the relevant webpage.
  • Can make your own design ticker---You can enjoy whatever skin designs you like in the Skin Selection. You could even make your original-design skins, which could be very exciting!

For Beginners, Start From Selecting From Pre-set Channels

  • Many categories such as news, beauty&fashion, entertainment, travel, etc. (more to come) are pre-set in channels (like TV channels) in eCruiser.
  • Click the "Settings" button on eCruiser to open the Settings window, select the channels you like by clicking on small boxes beside the channel names, and click the "OK" button on the Settings window to complete.
  • Headlines or photos from your selected channels will be displayed one-by-one on the eCruiser ticker.>>View Channel Selection window

Subscribe To Your Favorite Websites Or Blogs

    You can register by yourself your favorite, RSS-enabled websites or blogs to eCruiser because eCruiser has general "RSS reader" functions. By doing this, you don't need anymore to follow tremendously-time-consuming steps you were obliged to do with browser bookmarks, like clicking on the names of websites one-by-one to see if they are updated or not. eCruiser frees you from this process. There are three ways to do it as follows:

  • "Add To eCruiser!" button---This button is automatically set and appears on your browser. You just click on this button to subscribe to when you are at blogs or RSS-enabled.>>Read FAQ
  • Drag & Drop of RSS icons---Almost all blogs as well as increasing number of websites nowadays provide icons which indicate RSS. You just drag the icon and drop it on eCruiser ticker. Not all RSS icons are in same creative design, but there are some typical styles. So once you become accustomed to it, it is not difficult to identify.>>Read FAQ
  • Drag & Drop of browser address bar icon---This is a little bit technical one, but if you remember this method it would be convenient. First, with a brower, open a page described in xml format. Then, look for an icon in the address bar. The address bar is the narrow text field at the top of the browser where the currently displayed website address appears. There is an icon in the address bar next, or on left hand side, to the website address. Drag that icon and drop it on eCruiser ticker, and the RSS feed will be added to eCruiser.

Enjoy Photo Slideshow

    eCruiser has a window dedicated to display photo slideshow. You just click on the "Photo" button on eCruiser to open. When you click on a photo that interests you, you will be directly linked to the relevant webpage.

  • What contents?---You can either choose from preset contents in the Channel Selection window, subscribe to your favorite blogs with photos, or add your personal photos saved in your computer. Because it is based on RSS technology, you can always enjoy the latest photos in these channels, blogs or folders.
  • How to subscribe---The process can be very easily done by dragging the RSS icons on blogs or folder icons in your computer and drop them on eCruiser ticker.
  • Buttons provided---On the photo window, buttons to (1) "View All," (2) "View Large" "View Small," and (3) "Fast Forward" "Rewind" are provided.

Try Convenient Features

  • My Page---You can view the list of the headlines of your selected contents in a single page, which is called "My Page." To open it, just click on the "My Page" button on eCruiser.
  • Keyword Search---You can sort out the headlines that include your favorite keywords into separate groups. Open My Page and then you'll find a small window on the upper part on the right hand side of the page. Input whatever keyword you like in the window, click the "Search!" button beside, and there appears the headlines with the keyword in a single group. You can also save the keyword by clicking on the link "Save This Keyword."
  • Click History---Headlines you clicked are automatically saved for some period of time for your convenience so that you can review at anytime. To view your click history, open My Page, and click on the link "Click History," on top of the page. You can delete the click history by clicking on the "Delete History" button on bottom of the Click History page.

Enjoy Creative Skin Designs

  • You can enjoy whatever skin designs you like in the Skin Selection. Open the Settings window, click on the "Skin Selection" tab on top, and select your favorite skin. You can also make it transparent or shadowed.
  • You can make your original skins if you know how to operate image processing softwares like Adobe Photoshop.>>Read FAQ

Front, Back Or Flexible -- Display eCruiser Wherever You Want On Your Desktop Screen

    You can display eCruiser either front or back of applications on your desktop screen. There are three options for you. Open the Settings window, click on the "Preference" tab on top, and make your selection. Please note that your changes become valid by rebooting eCruiser or PC.>>View Preference settings window

  • Always display eCruiser front of applications---In "Preference," 1st item OFF, 2nd item ON
  • Always display eCruiser back of applications---In "Preference," 1st item OFF, 2nd item OFF
  • Switch between front and back time-to-time by clicking on the eCruiser button on task bar on bottom of the desktop screen---In "Preference," 1st item ON, 2nd item OFF

Screen Shots Of The Settings Windows And My Page

Channel Selection [View]

Skin Selection [View]

Preference [View]

My Page [View]